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How was Launched?

With immense pleasure and happiness, I am glad to welcome you all on where you will find everything about our loving city Sitarmarhi.

Most of you already know our Facebook Page Admins Mr. Madhav Bhardwaj and Mr. Ranjeet Purbey, who have been managing the page for years. When I came to know about this page on Facebook, I started to visit and engage with other members over here. Ever since I started visiting the page, I began to feel like I had never gone away from my Sitamarhi. Gradually I came into contact with both of our admins, and we discussed many small and big ideas.

I would like to introduce myself to all of you as I might be a new person here who needs some intro. I am Atish Ranjan, and I am from Kailashpuri, Dumra, Sitamarhi. Currently, I stay in New Delhi where I am running an online business of blogging and online marketing. If some of you remember, I have written a blog post about my hometown which was also shared on the Facebook page. Here is the link to that blog post >>

sitamarhi punaura

Much chatter about me already. Now, read how the website got started.

Recently, I got a call from Madhav bhai stating that he has an idea to start a blog that will deliver Sitamarhi related news, events, photo galleries, and many other things. As he is not into tech, he asked me whether I can work on the website thing. And, as I love my city so much, I said Yes, why not?

That was the day when we started to work on the website. Though I am not a website developer, I have been into blogging for more than 5 years now, and I am very well versed with WordPress CMS. Thus, I chose WordPress as the CMS for our website.

It took us some time to think about the content plan and the overall structure of the site, and once we finalized everything, we decided to shape up the website and make it live asap.

I did all the setup, and many things are yet to be done. We are working on those things behind the scene. However, the basic setup and look & feel are completed. So, I notified the team that I am done with the setting up. Today, I got a final call from Madhav bhai to make the website live.

So, let’s make this date, 21-05-2016 memorable as we now have a dedicated website that will update everything about Sitamarhi.

I am sure you all love the city, and we will make things better by sharing new and innovative ideas together.

Now, let me tell you something about this Website www.sitamarhi.og

The website is launched for the sole purpose of sharing the news, blog posts, events, and photos on a whole different platform. Though we have been sharing these on FB page already. As we have a huge family over there, we want you to read more about the city on our dedicated website as well.

FB fan page count

On this website, you will find News articles, blog articles, photos of tourist places, events, Durga pooja, Saraswati pooja, and almost everything that you want to see. You can use the contact form to get in touch with the team for getting any information that you need.

I am sure you would be very happy to see live, and yes, this is not a website owned by Me, Madhav or Ranjeet rather this website is owned by all Sitamarhians out there.

Your Love, Support, and Feedback will help us to improve the website to a bigger extent. So, keep loving and supporting this new venture dedicated to our city.

Never forget to send us feedback if you have any.

Love you all!

– Atish Ranjan



  1. Wonderful words by Atish bhai, today one of our dream came true, this website is our first step in world wide web. I hope your guidance and efforts will bring Sitamarhians closer.

  2. Nice beginning in order to make our Sitamarhi www family. I never thought that there will be a man who’ll think even in this way. But now it seems our Sitamarhi will be known to all others in the world. All Sitamarhians are thankful to founder, to admins and to website maker. (y)

    • Hello Shrishyam,

      Thanks for kind words. We need support of all Sitmarhians to make this website even better.

      Keep visiting. More stuff to come.

  3. It’s great to see such a great initiative from our elder brothers. Hope u all will keep inspiring us like this in the future. It was the need of the hour. And it had already taken a great shape in such a small span.
    All the luck bhaiya’s.

  4. Nice blog!
    Its good to see that you guys are doing something special for our District. Is there any way to provide blog written facility for everyone who want to contribute his own ideas on your website.

    • Hello Rajan,

      Good to see you here. It is not open for everyone as of now. But, if you have some good ideas for contributing to the blog, you can contact Madhav bhai through the contact form of this site or via Facebook.

      Thanks for coming by.


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