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Meditation Centre, Sitamarhi.

Sitamarhi Meditation Centre.
Sitamarhi Meditation Centre.

MEDITATION links our soul to the living world. Ignites freedom, inspires thoughts, instigates emotions, snubs materialistic sphere for the un-adulteration of future.



MEDITATION CENTRE, SITAMARHI  links our soul to the living world. Ignites freedom, inspires thoughts, instigates emotions, snubs materialistic sphere for the unadulteration of future. It is a process of derivation of consciousness through different physical, mental and spiritual methods. Meditation involves chanting, singing, dancing, concentration and many other ways to destress-lize, Buddhist consider it as a next step towards salvation. Meditation, as seen in historical context dates back to 1 century B.C in India, but it was stuck to the upper class of the Vedic society, which was later spread in masses by the lord Buddha. Meditation style changes with religion and philosophy. Modern indian meditation can be defined as a combination of the Hinduism and Buddhism. In india, meditation is a tradition, irrespective of religion. Different philosophies in the meditation in India includes Vipassana, see the things as they actually are. Vipassana is a combination of the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.

Meidtation Hall Lobby Design
Meditation Hall Lobby Design

MEDITATION CENTRE Meditation Centre is an area which allows a person to talk to the conscience, where freedom is considered to be a state of mind. Different physical and mental exercises are carried out to cope with illness or to enhance overall health and well-being, to increase calmness and physical relaxation or to improve physiological balance. It includes variety of spaces, required for various activities like prayer hall for offerings, yoga room for physical exercise, Bodhi hall for mental exercises. Every meditation Centre has either own philosophy or they carry out the traditional meditational philosophy. For example, the Osho Ashram in Pune has the philosophy spread by Osho and the Vipassana Centers in India acts on Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. Meditation Centre usually consists of a playground, a hall and an auditorium. People from different parts of world come for retreat in the meditation Centre, the retreats are different courses based on the activities related to spiritualism and meditation.


Site plan meditation centre Sitamarhi
Site Plan Design.

RELEVANCE OF MEDITATION CENTRE. In this materialistic world, human beings are profoundly running behind monetary gains. They are searching for happiness and peace, but all the materialistic joy seems to be instantaneous. In the connoisseur of love and happiness, people find themselves lost in varied tastes. To provide stability and eternal happiness to the society, a meditation is extremely required. It is also helpful in making a sincere and responsible society. Rather, it will help in projecting Sitamarhi on international tourism map.

ARCHITECTS TASK FOR MEDITATION CENTRE. An architect can properly define spaces for the various activities, which takes place inside a meditation Centre. A design concept based on the philosophy of the meditation can be generated.

SITAMARHI, SITE SUITABILITY AND JUSTIFICATION. Sitamarhi has a glorious Vedic past. Having rich cultural heritage of Maithili and inspirations of Lord Buddha, this region is clean from any religious interference, peace is the only religion practiced by the citizens of Sitamarhi. Pollution and irritation free place is supposed to be the best land for the development of meditation Centre and this place holds its identity for the same. The site selected is near to the Lakshmana river, the place where maharishi Pundrik, maharishi Bhringu and many other practiced meditation. The breeze on the bank of river is shallow which pierces the soul.

VALIDITY OF THE PROJECT. Validity for the region- the project holds its importance for the benefit of whole of mankind, which will invite the intellectual class from all over the world to the region, marking the philosophical development of the region. Validity for the place- The project will increase the influx of foreign tourists in Sitamarhi, contributing in the development of the district on a large scale. Secondly, it will provide a free environment to all the locals and intra-national tourists to practice meditation. Overall, the Centre will work as a magnet for the tourists visiting Sitamarhi.

AIM AND OBJECTIVES. AIM :- To design a meditation centre in Sitamarhi.


1) to properly utilize all the available space.

2) to integrate the spaces with each other.


1) Synopsis.

2) Case studies will be carried out:- a) Osho Ashram, Pune b) Meditation Centre, Bodh Gaya. c) Bodhi-Upavan in Sikkim

3) Detailed study of Meditation will be done.

4) Literature study will be carried out.

5) Detailed requirements will be derived.

6) Future projections will be conceived.

7) Detailed proposals will be made.

8) Conceptual master plan will be developed.

9) Different buildings in the Centre will be developed.

10) Final master plan and buildings will be discussed.

SITAMARHI The pious north Gangetic plane land, in the south of the great Himalayan range, is the birth place of divine Maa Sita. The place is unadulterated by the polluting gases, has rich cultural heritage and was a place of learning during Vedic period. River Lakshamanaoften termed as River Lakhan-dai by the locals, is the major irrigational source for the district , it splits out from River Bagmati in Nepal and re-meets in Runni-saidpur.



  1. Happy to see that you people did a great job to make this online portal where we can get update about sitamarhi. Really it is nice attempt which will help our city to emerge world widely. Thankfull to you gyz and also appriaciating you people.


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