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Details of Land records Sitamarhi.

Namaskar Sitamarhians,

Sitamarhi has vast area of cultivable, non cultivable, habitable and non habitale lands. As agriculture is becoming less profitable day by day, people are moving towards Sitamarhi town. Due to vast influx of rural population towards semi-urban Sitamarhi, there is exponential rise in the land prices.  Though plots are available for sale, many a times we come to know about the illegal land transfers or land transferring to multiple persons, keeping the buyers in dark about the actual owners. To overcome such issues and facilitate citizens with all the available land details, government of Bihar took a web initiative. This initiative was widely applauded but general public is still far from getting benefits of such initiatives.

You can click on the below link, feed the required details and all the information regarding the registry of the plot will be available for you.


Following screen interface will come.

Screenshot of the page.


Click on the downbar and select the name of registry office where it could have been possibly registered.

Click on the downbar and select the property location, circle and mauza.

Type the name of Owner or his fathers name to search all the available details.

You will get the total number of results, click on the option “view results”.

You can see the web copy of registration as well as the web copy of actual registry papers in .pdf format.

You can download and save the Registration paper, Commonly known as registry papers.

If you find any difficulty in getting the details, you can put a message to us, we will be happy to help you out.

You can help your friends by sharing this article on different social networking sites.

Hope this information helps you and protects you from land frauds.


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