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6 Mouth-Watering Dishes of Sitamarhi

Sitamarhi is a holy place popularly known for being the birthplace of Mata Sita. Janki Mandir and Punaura dham temples are one of the best places for devotees to see the holy vision of Maa Janki.

Though the city is famous for being Maa Sita’s birthplace, there are many other things as well that attract people towards it. I have been staying out of the city for study, work, and business since 2010, but whenever I go there, I enjoy each and every moment to the fullest.

One of the best things about Sitamarhi I really like is the mouthwatering Dishes and that too at affordable prices. I can give up eating at McDonnalds, Pizzahut, and KFC for tasting the Sitamarhi’s dishes.

Despite being a tech and business blogger, I am taking up the challenge of writing a whole different type of blog post in which I am going to list 6 Mouth-Watering Dishes of our loving city Sitamarhi.

No further ado; let’s have a look at the list below:

1. Litti Chokha


Photo Credit: Youtube

Litti Chokha is the traditional dish of not only Sitamarhi but whole Bihar. If you have ever been to Sitamarhi and didn’t taste the deliciousness of Litti Chokha, you have missed the best food of the city.

In case you want to prepare Litti Chokha at home, watch this video:

Make sure; you taste this delicious dish when you visit Sitamarhi next time.

2. Ghugni Choora

Ghugni Choora

Photo Credit: Sitamarhi FB page

When it comes to most affordable yet tastiest dish, you cannot miss Ghugni Choora. From small road side dhaba to big food spots of Sitamarhi, everywhere this delicious dish is served.

Back in days, when I was a student, I used to eat Ghugni Choora as it is very delicious and not a costly dish as well. I used to get comparatively less pocket money, so this was the perfect eating stuff for me.

If you want to cook Ghugni Choora at your home, watch the video below:

If you are to visit Sitamarhi for any reason, don’t forget to try this Dish.

3. Balushahi


Photo Credit: Sitamarhi FB page

Balushahi is the most delicious sweets I have ever eaten. When I visit Sitamarhi, I get a few KGs of Balushahi from Runni Saidpur as it is on the way of my destination. It tastes just as what my taste buds love.

If you are looking for the best Balushahi in Sitamarhi, you must visit Runni Saidpur or Bhutahi village as these are the best places where you find the tastiest Balushahi.

4. Mudhi Kachdi

Mudhi Kachdi

Photo Credit: Sitamarhi FB page

Mudhi Kachdi is something that you can have as the evening snack. It is very tasty and very affordable dish from the city.

Mudhi is nothing but puffed rice, and Kachdi’s main ingredients are Besan and Pyaj.

I find this dish a little addictive because when you start eating, you won’t be able to stop eating easily. Try it!

5. Sattu Sharbat


Photo Credit: PurelyPatna

Sattu Sharbat is common in Sitamarhi. In this summer, you can easily see many Sattu Sharbat stalls here and there. Don’t miss to have a glass of it as it helps you beat the heat of summer, and your taste buds will start demanding for more. Sattu Sharbat of Sitamarhi is superb. Last summer I was there, and I enjoyed so many glasses of it while roaming around the city.

Preparing Sattu Sharbat at home is no tough job at all. However, check out this video to learn how to prepare it:

As the summer is at its best where the temperature is crossing 45 Degrees, Sattu Sharbat is very important to have at least 1-2 glasses everyday as it keeps your body cool internally which saves you from getting stomach problems that usually happens in summer.

6. Samosa Chat

samosa chat

Photo Credit: Sitamarhi FB page

Now comes my favorite one, Samosa Chat. You can find it at small and big food spots in Sitamarhi. Even there are thele walas keep on selling by going to streets so you can get it from them as well. It is very delicious. When I am in Sitamarhi, I do eat one plate every day for sure. Though it is made with either Samosa or Kachauri; it is popularly known as samosa chat.

Krishna Sweets which is in front of the Main Gate of Bypass Road is very famous for serving delicious Samosa Chat.

Final Words

I am already missing these dishes as I am writing this article sitting in New Delhi. But, if you are there in the city, don’t miss these mouth-watering dishes of Sitamarhi.

I hope this list helps you find out the best foods of Sitamarhi so that when you visit there, you can have them and enjoy.

Thank me later. 



        • Great to know that, Rohan. Sattu is available in almost all cities, but Sattu sharbat is one of specialities of Sitamarhi, and in fact of whole Bihar state.

          I wish you visit here once to know more about small town life 🙂

          Thanks for coming by.

    • Good to know that Niraj. When I was in Sitamarhi last December, I did eat a lot from the chat wala just near by Gudri bazar.

    • Hi Saurabh,

      I am happy that you liked it. It is just the beginning. I will be writing more blog posts like this. Hope you will stay tuned to this website. 🙂

      Enjoy the week ahead.


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