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TRUEKURE- Assisting you from illness to wellness.

Greetings to the people of Sitamarhi from Team TRUEKURE,

We are happy to announce that we are starting a absolutely new health care service (Truekure) which is one of its kind and it is exclusively to help out people seeking medical help.
Through Truekure we are trying to help people (Patients & Their Attendants) to avail the best medical facility available in the Country within their budget.
As we all know Information technology has made our life so easy, when it comes to shopping, travelling, food ordering, everything is just one click away from you. What if medical treatment and hospitalization will be that much easy, information about hospitals and taking appointment in the same will be just the work of one click.
Not only the hospital information and taking appointment, what if someone can help you just like your family member while going to another state for treatment, the one who can arrange your travel tickets, book hotel for your stay nearby the hospital, arrange transportation facility for you and always be with you in every situation to help you out.
Services and information provided to you through Truekure are:-
 Best treatment available for the enquired Problem.
 Best Price available for the enquired treatment.
 Getting you a second opinion from our panel of trusted doctors.
 Help people in selecting the best hospital for your treatment.
 Getting a free quotation from the best hospitals.
 Providing you a good discount on your treatment.
 And regular follow ups after treatment.
We are one who provides all the above services under one name or place to everyone.
We know the fact that everyone knows that he/she can avail a better treatment in Metro cities like Delhi NCR but due to lack of knowledge and fear of new place hold many of us to go out of our small cities or towns so to help you out in overcoming these types situation we are here with you.
We are just one click or call away from you. So talk to us today and help yourself and your loved ones as soon as possible.
Team Truekure is ready to help you out.
Visit us @: or,
Call us @: 180030020939



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