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Dame Asha Khemka – Inspiring Journey from Sitamarhi to The UK

I love to check out motivational content whether text-based, audio, or even videos. I have been reading about many legendary people who have done something great in their life.

A year ago, I read something about Dame Asha Khemka on Sitamarhi’s Facebook page, but I didn’t go into much detail that time.

If you don’t know what actually Dame means, then let me tell you that in the UK, it is the title given to a woman equivalent to the rank of knight. This is one of the prestigious awards in the UK.


Two days ago, I was searching something on YouTube, and I landed on this video of Asha Khemka, and I realized that I read about her on the Facebook. This time, I watched the full video, and I am glad that I watched.

Though I always stay motivated and work a lot to fulfill my dreams, this video filled me with 5x more motivation and that you can understand only when you watch this video.  This 19:06 Minutes video will change the way you look at things and situations in your life. So, don’t miss to watch the video above. It can change your life!

If I am writing about this great lady here on sitamarhi.org, you probably got an idea that she is from our own motherland, Sitamarhi. Yes, Mrs. Asha Khemka is from Sitamarhi where she was born, grew up, and got married as well.

Asha Khemka has been the principal and chief executive of West Nottinghamshire College since May 2006. She was awarded Damehood (DBE) at Buckingham Palace in 2014, and it came 5 years after she was awarded an OBE for her great services to education.


You will be surprised to know that she is the first Indian-born woman for 83 years to be awarded the DBE. This is a matter of proud for everyone from Sitamarhi and in fact for everyone in our country.

You might have heard many such stories that inspire you a lot but what I am going to write now will inspire you even more.

We are talking about the lady who got one of the most prestigious awards, and currently working as a Principal of a college in the UK.

But, do you know how she grew up, and how she reached to this level?

You can watch the video which I have added earlier in this article to know the complete story in her words.

She was born in Sitamarhi, and she lost her mother when she was only 12 years old. Since there were no female members in her family, her father decided that it was time for her to get married. And, she was married to a first-year medical student when she was just of 15 years old. It was the age of study and play, but she got married and had to take charge of the household.

She got 3 kids in 3 years, and she spent her 20 years as a housewife raising her children and taking care of her family. She didn’t study well due to getting married at a small age.


Later, she went to the UK with her Husband. She didn’t know the English language which is the official language of UK, and you have to know the language as you have to interact with people around you.

She started learning the language by watching TV with her children. This was the start, and later she enrolled for her first course which was about how to be a secretary because her husband was going to be a consultant soon, so he wanted her to assist him. She realized that she could do more with her life, and she started to study and completed her degrees there.

She had been learning a lot of things without giving up. She spent 15 years learning and working hard with full determination, and her journey from student to a principal is well enough to inspire anyone.


We always make excuses for not working on something or not doing things.

Just think for a moment, if Asha Khemka thought like that and started to give excuses to herself then how could she reach to this level?

In spite of having the genuine reasons and excuses to make, she never gave any excuses and tried her best to do more with her life.

She didn’t give up!

Her determination, consistent learning, and passion for doing something big took her to this level.

Her journey from Sitamarhi to the UK is really inspiring. The reason I have written this post about her is that I am inspired and full of motivation after watching the video and reading more about her. I wanted to spread the word here too so that our young generation will get motivation from her journey as well.

So, guys, if you are one of those who give excuses for everything, stop doing so because to get the success you have to stop giving excuses.

On behalf of every Sitamarhian, I salute her.



  1. Hi Atish,

    She is one iron-willed lady who made us proud across the globe. This video can really turbo charge youngsters especially those who paralyse themselves by giving excuses. She is an inspiration to all. Kudos!

    • Thanks for visiting, Sonal. Yes, she is a true inspiration for everyone of us, and this shows that making excuses just waste of time!

      Happy Weekends.

  2. Dear Mr Ranjan, I have read your article about Dame Khemka and delighted to note that you had the sensitivity, perception and intelligence to acknowledge , appreciate and admire her personality and incredible achievements .however she shouldn’t be depicted as just Sitamarhian . This is something every Indian man and woman should be proud of .I had the privilege of meeting her and I can assure you that it’s not about maki excuses . To achieve what she has you need dedication, determination,passion, devotion,perseverance and above all a vision of a dream to come true and then ability to focus and direct all you strength , enregy and concentration towards your goal until you get there. Not making excuses is not enough.this is how Asha got where she is now whic is a matter of great pride for every Indian. Her journey from zero to hero is the most remarkable one I have ever come across. Your coming from same village may make you feel good but I strongly believe every Indian all over the Globe should be proud of her. I know I am.

    • Hello Dr. Krishna,

      Thanks for reading!

      You are absolutely right that she is not only a Sitamarhian but an Indian. In fact, the whole world should learn from her.
      I didn’t intend to write that way but if it feels bad, I am really very sorry for that. Moreover, She is a great person and you got a chance to meet her is really awesome.
      You are right that there many such people out there but the determination and passion she has been showing, and becoming from zero to hero is really awesome.

      I am happy that you liked the writeup 🙂

      Thank you 🙂

  3. great journey by great woman, i salute her, i was just checking my fb account, suddenly i looked this story wich was shared by one of my friend, he is also from sitamarhi, i m also from there, so being a person of sitamarhi i congrat her, it’s really inspirational story,,,,


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