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School of my dreams.

While travelling a lot round the country, many a times I encounter people discussing about schools and education of their children. Whatever be the content of discussion, the resultant is embarassing. Donation, Six digit fees, centralized air conditioned, large conference rooms, project reports etecetera are primarily issues which are discussed. Now school has also became a star to be added to your shoulders. If you see the fee of various international schools in India, many of them will cross your annual salary. Though it may give you inferiority complex, but in reality it’s all showoff. You have an option which you have never explored. You are actually habitually dependent on money, let money do everything. You are so stressed that you prefer money to teach your children. You need babysitter to nurture your children. But you never forget to make the assignment of your children, though it is meant for your wards not for you, but you spend whole night to get good marks for your children. Alas!

In contrast, there is a society in India, who have nothing to pay for education. They are completely dependent upon the government machinery for teaching their children. Here the issues being discussed are absence of teachers, lack of basic infrastructure, irregularities in mid day meal etecetera. Though you may feel that they are deprieved, they are actually as equal as your 5 star children.  Or in other words, you may say that they are equally deprieved as your children.

Actually , i want to abuse all middle class through this article. You dont have any stand, you want to achieve 5 star education for your children but miserably fail to get it in absence of money and you feel it below your dignity to send your children to government primary schools. You are people who are coffee table panellists who never speak against the system openly, who never come with any solution publicly, But you always expect a fellow middle class friend to do it. You pressurize your children to speak english as fluent as a 5 star children does but never allow them to watch Hollywood movies. Most of you are pure hypocrite and I have all right to abuse you, because you have kept the future of nation in an illusion. Though, I will stop abusing you now and suggest you with a solution. This solution is applicable for all, but its not an easy pill to take, it needs dedication, it needs your time and it needs your expertise.

So, my solution remains with my own dream of  a school. My dream will sound impractical but its necessary.

1. I wish a school where i can give an hour daily, irrespective of all the business i will be doing. I can teach and get satisfied with the direct interaction with my child.

2.I won’t go for six digit fee. I will prefer to send them in government school with hundreds of volunteer teacher like me.

3. Though, i wish to follow all the degrees of hygiene, i will prefer my child to have proper dress and cleaning it on alternate days rather than having 7 sets of dress.

I had stopped writing this article on 24th December 2016, but accidently I went to drafts and saw it. My son Shastra was born in between, 3 months back. My thoughts expressed above remains same and I am going to continue the article with further suggestions.

4. I want early practical assignments to decrease the load of book from children and parents. Books written by NCERT is perhaps sufficient, but schools with hands in hands with publishers overload parents and wards with books. This must end.

5. Auditing of every private school is necessary, you might have heard about societies being formed for running schools, but after all its just a business of huge laundering of money.

My primary purpose of writing this article is to provide you an option to teach your children in digital environment without spending too much of money uselessly and indirectly helping deprived people who are still sending their children to such government schools. Your one hour to school will change the scenario of country. Government of Bihar has already got good infrastructure in almost all the villages and town, its our turn to support government and community.



  1. Superb analysis and no doubt it comes from a pure thinking. We can throw money in this types of schools,,, we can make our children a machine,, bt firstly we want that our children must be a good human being..Earlier when you and me and everyone who read in such kind of middle class school,,,firstly teaches us humanity,loyalty, to help eachother.This knowledge is more powerful than anyother bookish knowledge.Anyone can make money bt Money cant make everyone.Thats the truth of life……..


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